Our Mission

The Institute for Multi-Stakeholder Initiative Integrity (MSI Integrity) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to understanding the human rights impact and value of voluntary initiatives that address business and human rights. MSI Integrity researches key questions surrounding the effectiveness of these initiatives, facilitates learning in the field, and develops tools to evaluate initiatives from a human rights perspective. MSI Integrity takes a particular interest in how initiatives include, empower, and impact affected communities.


In partnership with academic institutions and local, national, and international organizations, MSI Integrity:

  1. Develops, applies, and promotes criteria and methodologies to assess the design and impact of voluntary initiatives from a human rights perspective;
  2. Shares learning with initiatives and concerned stakeholders on good practices and encourages innovation to ensure that initiatives protect and promote human rights;
  3. Facilitates research into the design and human rights impact of these initiatives, including studying effects on affected communities.


Our Principles

MSI Integrity is committed to independence, transparency and human rights principles. We strive for engagement and reflexive consultation with all stakeholders.



We make our financial and IRS information, including Form 1023 and Form 990s, are publicly available upon request, please  contact us at info [at] msi-integrity.org if you would like to receive copies.

MSI Integrity is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity organization. MSI Integrity is currently funded with general support from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Any specific funding received for individual projects is transparently disclosed within those projects and publications. In particular:

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided seed funded to support the launch and development of MSI Integrity from 2012-2014.