MSI Integrity develops tools and guidance for evaluating MSIs from a human rights perspective. We offer these tools and methodologies for public use, and we encourage those conducting evaluations using our tools to contact us for advisory assistance with any part of the evaluation process.  We also conduct a limited number of evaluations of selected MSIs each year in order to continually refine and improve our tools and methodology through practice, and to contribute the findings and analysis from our assessments to enhance understanding about MSIs and their impact and value from a human rights perspective.


MSI Evaluation Tool

Tools available include the MSI Evaluation Tool and methodology for evaluating the institutional design of an MSI from a human rights perspective. The MSI Evaluation Tool was developed in conjunction with Harvard Law School’s International Human Rights Clinic over a three-year period. The criteria and methodology have been thoroughly reviewed through direct discussions with experienced business and human rights practitioners, academic review, and extensive global consultation.


At present, the MSI Evaluation Tool is only available in draft, incomplete form. A revised version of the Tool, incorporating modifications based on feedback received in our 2013 Global Consultation, will be released soon for public use to evaluate MSIs following the outlined methodology. Accompanying the revised version of the Tool will be a new, simplified version called the MSI Essential Elements Evaluation Tool, which will contain only the indicator questions that identify essential elements that are necessary, but not sufficient, to an MSI’s capacity to protect and promote human rights. We will also release a glossary explaining the terminology used in the Evaluation Tool.


Methodology & Guidance

The methodology that should be used in conjunction with the MSI Evaluation Tool is available, along with particular guidance related to specific aspects of the evaluation process. For assistance in conducting an evaluation, we encourage potential evaluators to contact us for specific guidance. At present, guidance clarifies the methodology regarding:



Last updated: March 17, 2014