Our Mission and Vision

The Institute for Multi-Stakeholder Initiative Integrity (MSI Integrity) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to understanding the human rights impact and value of voluntary multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs) that address business and human rights. MSI Integrity researches key questions surrounding the effectiveness of MSIs, facilitates learning and capacity building in the field, and develops tools to evaluate initiatives from a human rights perspective. MSI Integrity takes a particular interest in how MSIs include, empower, and impact affected communities.

MSI Integrity ultimately envisions a world where the private sector respects and protects human rights and the environment; a world where corporations are held accountable for any human rights abuses they commit, and provide remediation for any harm caused.

To understand why we focus on MSIs, please see: What Are MSIs?. It explains how these initiatives have become popular as corporate accountability tools, despite minimal evidence or understanding as to whether they have been effective instruments for the protection of human rights. MSI Integrity’s work is aimed at closing that knowledge gap and fostering an environment of critical debate and reflection into the effectiveness and appropriateness of MSIs as governance and accountability tools.

Our Principles

MSI Integrity is committed to independencetransparency and human rights principles. We strive for engagement and reflexive consultation with all stakeholders and seek to facilitate a culture of open dialogue and debate in all aspects of our work.