MSI Integrity conducted a set of pilot evaluations during the development of the MSI Evaluation Tool and assessment methodology, in conjunction with Harvard Law School’s International Human Rights Clinic. It is expected that the full pilot report will be released in late 2014.


Prior to our 2013 Global Consultation and Review Process, we asked the five evaluated MSIs (4C Association, EITI, FLA, GNI, KPCS) for their permission to release the evaluation reports as working drafts to inform the consultation process. Both 4C and EITI responded positively to this request. The Kimberley Process did not provide a response, the Global Network Initiative and the Fair Labor Association declined publication of their reports as working drafts.

These draft reports have served as an example of the long-form evaluation reports that result from an MSI Evaluation and provide contextual details, analysis, and recommendations for MSIs regarding their MSI Evaluation Tool assessment results.