EITI Governance Report translated by Albanian EITI Secretariat

On July 10, 2015 the Albania EITI Secretariat translated and published an Albanian version of our report on multi-stakeholder governance in EITI, Protecting the Cornerstone. In publishing the report, the Secretariat stated on the Collaboration 4 Development EITI Community of Practice website that they “found this report very important”.

This translation offers wider audiences in Albania the opportunity to access the findings and recommendations of our report, and will hopefully encourage informed discussions about how to implement the recommendations in Albania’s EITI process. Similar discussions have taken place in at least 10 countries so far, including the Philippines, Tanzania, Cameroon, and the United Kingdom.

A copy of the translation can be found on the Albanian EITI homepage, or for download here in pdf format. Please note that MSI Integrity did not authorize this translation – it was done on the initiative of the Albanian EITI – and it has not been checked for accuracy by MSI Integrity.



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