The methodology that should be used in conjunction with the MSI Evaluation Tool has been in development over the course of three years. It has been developed following extensive discussions with practitioners, academic review, global consultation, and the pilot testing of five MSIs. Following the feedback and recommendations of the global consultation process and review, we are currently finalizing the methodology, in particular creating a standardized terms of reference for evaluating MSIs. A revised MSI Evaluation Tool will be released soon for public use in conducting evaluations following the finalized methodology.


In the interim, we have released an outline of the key steps in the evaluation methodology below.


For assistance in conducting an evaluation, please contact us and we can share further details on the evaluation and offer specific guidance.


Outline of the Core Stages in the Evaluation Methodology
  • Selection of the MSIs to evaluate (see our Selection Criteria for those looking to evaluate a range of MSIs; however many stakeholders will be affected or interested in a specific MSI)
  • Outreach to the MSI and exploration of whether the terms of reference can be developed
  • The MSI Evaluation Tool is used to assess the MSI using publicly available information and material to allow an evaluation of the transparency and accessibility of an MSI
  • Engage with the MSI staff, governing members, and other core stakeholders directly to understand their perspectives on the MSI
  • Independent expert review of a draft evaluation report
  • The evaluation report is compiled, incorporating feedback from stakeholders (see above) and identifying areas where such engagement provided context or information that was not available in the initial research of public information
  • Presentation of the report to the MSI’s governing body and membership


Guidance on the Methodology

We also offer particular guidance related to specific aspects of the evaluation methodology. This guidance clarifies procedures to ensure that evaluations are conducted with appropriate rigor and review.


Please review the available guidance regarding:



Last updated: March 17, 2014