In the secondary review stage of the MSI Evaluation Tool assessment methodology, two independent experts are engaged to review draft evaluation report for the accuracy of the MSI’s description, history, and the characterization of the underlying human rights concern. MSI Integrity will soon publish Expert Review Guidance to clarify the methodological role and procedure for this process.


The guidance will serve to assist individuals or organizations in conducting their own evaluations of MSIs. It explain the importance of selecting experts with a sound understanding of the industry and the associated human rights concerns, and that experts should not conduct their own subjective evaluation of the MSI. This is because introducing subjective perspectives would undermine the objectivity and comparability of reports, which are based on the reviewed indicators contained in the MSI Evaluation Tool.


MSI Integrity will publish our Expert Review Guidance soon.


We are always available to provide advice and guidance for accurately and rigorously using the revised MSI Evaluation Tool and assessment methodology to conduct evaluations of MSIs.



Last updated: March 17, 2014