A number of events have taken place around the globe to discuss the findings in Protecting the Cornerstone.  If you are also interested in holding a discussion on the report, please contact us and we would be happy to see how we can assist or be involved. Please note the events below were not planned by MSI Integrity.

Some of the discussions and events that have taken place include:
  • United States (Washington D.C), February 12, 2015: Multi-stakeholder Panel Discussion, “Multi-stakeholder governance in the EITI: opportunities and challenges” (Organized by PWYP International and Oxfam America, with opening remarks by Amelia Evans (MSI Integrity) and Eddie Rich (EITI)).
  • Cameroon (Yaounde), February 24, 2015: National forum “Forum on Multi-Stakeholder Engagement” (Organized by the World Bank). In this forum, Protecting the Cornerstone was presented as one of several research projects relevant to MSIs.
  • Azerbaijan (Baku), February 25, 2015: Civil society discussion on how Protecting the Cornerstone affects civil society and the MSG in Azerbaijan (Organized by Coalition for Improvement of Transparency in Extractive Industries).
  • Cameroon (Yaounde), February 25-26: Civil Society and community discussion on Protecting the Cornerstone affects civil society and communities in Cameroon (Organized by RELUFA and other civil society partners).
  • Tanzania, February 26, 2015: At the 51st Meeting of the Tanzania EITI multi-stakeholder group, Protecting the Cornerstone was presented to the MSG.
    • As a result, the report findings and recommendations were adopted by the TEITI MSG. The TEITI Secretariat is now in the process of implementing the report’s recommendations to improve the internal governance in the TEITI process.
  • Philippines, February 27, 2015: As part of the agenda for the PH-EITI multi-stakeholder group meeting, there will be a discussion of the findings and recommendations of Protecting the Cornerstone (Organized by PH-EITI multi-stakeholder group).
    • As a result, the PH-EITI MSG agreed to revise their Internal Rules to include a procedure for addressing grievances, and to put into writing the mechanisms for the selection of MSG members for each stakeholder group.
  • World Bank Community of Practice Webinar, March 5, 2015: A peer-to-peer learning “Webinar on Selection Process and Engagement of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs): Sharing Experiences from Iraq, Yemen, and Tunisia” was hosted by the World Bank Community of Practice platform. The findings of Protecting the Cornerstone were presented by Diana Kiassy (Publish What You Pay), with discussion by Mourad Belguedj (World Bank) and Pablo Valverde (EITI Secretariat). It was attended by several EITI Secretariat and World Bank staff, as well as participants in national EITI processes from Iraq, Nigeria, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, and other countries.
  • United Kingdom, March 11, 2015The U.K. EITI civil society meeting included a discussion of the implications of the findings and recommendations in Protecting the Cornerstone for the U.K. EITI civil society network.
    • As a result, the U.K. EITI Civil Society Network decided to develop its own terms of reference and code of conduct, including provisions for rotation of MSG members and for potential conflicts of interest.
  • Azerbaijan, April 3, 2015: Protecting the Cornerstone was discussed at the Azerbaijan MSG meeting, where the MSG decided to carefully study all of the recommendations.
    • As a result, the MSG decided to develop a document on conflict of interests and a code of ethics on the basis of the policy recommendation in the report. Further recommendations and reforms will be considered by the MSG going forward.