Global Network Initiative
Targeted Industry: Information and communications technology (ICT)
Stated Aim: “To protect and advance freedom of expression and privacy in the ICT sector.” (GNI Tagline)
Historical Context: Violation of privacy and suppression of freedom of expression in China and other countries in the 2000s generated awareness of the alleged complicity of major ICT companies in these issues.
Year Launched: 2008
Method of Operation: GNI establishes a framework to guide companies in their response to requests from governments to restrict communication (e.g. block websites) or disclose private information. It also creates learning programs and encourages public policy engagement.
Monitored Entities: ICT companies
Examples of Relevant Rights-holders: Internet users, particularly those in countries with repressive policies, or users who are vulnerable to violations of privacy and freedom of expression
Membership (as of December 2013): Companies (7), investors (9), academics (10), civil society members (13)