Fola Adeleke is a Senior Research Fellow with Wits University and an Atlantic Senior Fellow on Socio-Economic Equity at the London School of Economics. Fola is a South African trained lawyer whose work focuses on international economic law and human rights, corporate transparency, open government and accountability within the extractive industry. Prior to joining Wits University, he was Head of Research at the South African Human Rights Commission. In 2016, Fola was a Clinical Advocacy Fellow at Harvard Law School supervising clinical projects on business and human rights and prior to that held a Fulbright visiting scholarship with the Center for Sustainable Investment at Columbia University. He clerked at the Supreme Court of Appeal, South Africa, and worked at the Open Democracy Advice Centre, where his human rights work spanned across Africa. He holds a PhD from Wits University and a LLM degree from the University of Cape Town. His most recent work is a book published with Routledge in 2018 on exploring a human rights based approach to investment regulation in Africa.