Standard-Setting MSIs: The Global Landscape

Standard-setting MSIs now operate in over 170 countries, engage over 50 national governments, and regulate over 65 Fortune Global 500 businesses with combined annual revenues of more than $5.4 trillion dollars. Learn more about MSI Integrity’s work to identify transnational standard-setting MSIs here.

Participation in Events and Public Discussions

MSI Integrity participates in a variety of events, forums, workshops, and informal discussions each year. Learn more about our public engagements here.

Global Research Network on MSIs

In April, 2017, MSI Integrity, the John Parke Young Initiative on the Global Economy at Occidental College, and the Harvard Law School Human Rights Program hosted the first workshop of the Global Research Network on MSIs. Learn more about the workshop and MSI Integrity’s role in developing the Global Research Network on MSIs here.

Affected Community Experiences of MSIs

MSIs are most often established with the intention of benefiting an identifiable stakeholder group, such as workers, small-scale farmers and local populations. However, there is little documentation of how these groups perceive MSIs or what they experience as a result of initiative implementation. Learn more about MSI Integrity’s research on affected community experiences of MSIs here.