MSI Integrity is interested in exploring research into specific issues relating to MSIs and rights-holders, especially those that may ultimately  lead to understanding the impact–or how to measure the impact–of an MSI. Any stakeholder or MSI is welcome to suggest particular topics that deserve greater attention or require critical research.


Potential topics are unlimited! They could range from examining features or issues common in many MSIs, such as monitoring or accountability systems, to focusing on the implementation and impact of one specific MSI. For example, projects could suggest studying the impacts of an MSI’s grievance mechanism; analyzing the processes for the identification, inclusion, and empowerment of community representatives within MSIs; or, exploring the geopolitical circumstances and implications surrounding MSIs in business and human rights. We welcome suggestions that MSI Integrity should examine an aspect of an MSI that may be particularly innovative.


Any research projects will be aligned with MSI Integrity’s principles and mission. This includes that any selected research projects will be conducted independently and transparently, with a commitment to human rights principles.


The first research project to have been completed is an assessment of internal governance practices, with a special emphasis on understanding the role of civil society in MSIs. The research, which focused specifically on the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), is now available. As a part of this research, MSI integrity also released a guidance note on good practices for civil society involvement in multi-stakeholder groups (EN / FR / ESP) and a protocol for developing strong internal governance practices (EN / FR / ESP).


Please use the form below to suggest potential research projects for MSI Integrity to examine, or contact us directly by e-mail: info [at]


We review all requests received. However, unfortunately we do not have the resources to conduct all research projects and will only conduct those projects that further our mission.



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