Not Fit-For-Purpose Datasets

The spreadsheet, “MSI Trends Dataset,” provides some of the underlying data about the 40 MSIs in our database that was used in our 2020 report, Not Fit-For-Purpose. This spreadsheet compiles the results of our analysis of MSI policies and public materials into a series of datasets covering MSIs’ standards, monitoring, accountability and complaint procedures, and recent impact assessments.

The 40 MSIs in our MSI Database were invited to review these datasets as well as to provide any other feedback or engagement. In total, 21 out of the 40 MSIs responded. These MSIs are the ones that are highlighted in the datasets, and are also denoted with an asterisk in Appendix 1 of the Full Report.

Download the MSI Trends Dataset

For more information, explore our Full Report and Summary Report, or search our MSI Database.