Debate & Discussion

Not Fit-For-Purpose aims to spur discussion and debate among and between policymakers, scholars, journalists, activists, and rights holders in a variety of forums about the role of MSIs in addressing business-related human rights abuses.

To launch this discussion, we have partnered with Harvard Law School’s International Human Rights Clinic in the blog series, “Rethinking Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives.” The series shares critical perspectives on MSIs from a range of voices, with a particular focus on whether they are working for rights holders and whether we need to rethink the role of MSIs as human rights tools. Find the blog series on our website or compiled at Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.

We invite all interested parties to reach out to us with questions, concerns, feedback, new perspectives to share or for further dialogue about our work and the greater MSI field. To submit these, please contact us here.


Rethinking MSIs: Q&A on the Blog Series

A banana with a Fairtrade label. Fairtrade International is a prominent multi-stakeholder initiative. In July 2020, MSI Integrity launched the blog series, “Rethinking Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives,”

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